Firm history

2001 - firm has been found, technology leasing
2002 - initialisation produtive activity - galvanizing, yellow, blue pickling
2003 - company certification according to EN ISO 9001-2000, expansion of phosphate coating
2004 - surrender technology equipment from ŠKODA Energo, s.r.o., expansion of hanging galvanizing, black pickling
2005 - reconstruction of production line and automatization

Production Schedule
Suspended zinc galvanization of machinery parts and metal components - 2 production lines Multiple zinc galvanization of machinery parts and binding material - 2 barrels Suspended zinc phosphate treatment of machinery parts and metal components - 1 production line Suspended accid cleaning of machinery parts and metal components

Zinc galvanization with the coat thickness from 5 to 25 µm Subsequent chromate treatment - blue, yellow, yelow without Cr IV+, black Subsequent possibility to seal surface at suspended article (corrosion resistance enhancement) Phosphate treatment implemented by phosphate of zinc with the weight from 5 to 17 g/m2 Accid cleaning of components as a preliminary treatment prior to the following surface finish (oiling, varnishing, etc.) Suspended article limit proportions - 1350 x 1200 x 350 mm. Max. weight 1 pc approx. 30 - 50 kg. Quality Assurance The company has been certified in compliance with the Standard EN ISO 9001:2000. Overall technological processes are implemented in compliance with the Standards ČSN EN 12329, DIN 50961, ČSN EN 1403, ČSN EN ISO 4042, ČSN EN ISO 3613, ČSN EN 12476.